Monday, 1 December 2014

Update: Red Ribbon Reviewers

Hello everyone, just a quick update on the state of my reviews for the next month. This year, I will be taking part in Red Ribbon Reviewers. The central idea behind the project is simple: Putting a red ribbon in a text or video review to help raise awareness of HIV/AIDS. Last year, I did a video review of a seasonal episode of the Aussie TV show Round The Twist (check it out here), but this time around I'm going a bit bigger with it. As such, for the entire month of December, every review I post will feature one of these beauties:
It may seem like a very small thing, but as the great Paul Kelly once put it: From little things, big things grow. For more information on RRR, HIV/AIDS or just to check some of the other contributors (which are definitely worth checking out), go to

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