Tuesday 1 December 2015

Update: Red Ribbon Reviewers 2015!

Yep, it’s that time of year again… and it is here that I officially make up for past mistakes. I will, of course, be doing Red Ribbon Reviewers once again. For those who weren’t here for last year, RRR is a multimedia initiative to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS through the use of a red ribbon. Now, last year, I made a decent effort with 20 reviews in one month. However, since I already beat that record last month, I’m going full cylinders for this year. Both as an attempt to make full use of my time, and to make up for how much I slacked off earlier in the year, I’m going to be putting TWO reviews in each post meaning, if all works well, I’ll have done 62 reviews by the end of the month.

Yes, 62. I could very well end up burnt out something chronic by the end of all this but, if there was ever a time for that to happen, doing it in the service to a charity that really means a lot to me is certainly a good way to go. In the words of the Kurgan: “Better to burn out than to fade away.”

For more information on the project or check out some of the other contributors, head to the Red Ribbon Reviewers website.

And yes, I know that that was originally a Neil Young lyric; I just like Highlander better.

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