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Top 10 Welshy Videos

When you’re someone who spent pretty much all of his air time (or screen time or whatever you wish to call it) openly and gleefully taking pot shots at pretty much every aspect of the fandom that you yourself are in, there will often come a time when you wonder just how much the dude actually means. Maybe if he spent less time spraying sans praying and more time focusing on his output, he probably wouldn’t have left so many expected projects (Bond Month, Halloween Retrospective, reviewing the TGWTG anniversary specials, even his Saw Retrospective) incomplete. And then, due to events involving the thorn in our collective sides that can still be felt to this day that is Blip, he just retired altogether. Bah! So, with my now-standard aimless piss-take out of the way, let’s get into my Top 10 Welshy Videos. Why only Top 10? Because, in comparison to a lot of other producers that I’ll be covering, his videography isn’t that much. Not that he lacks in quality, mind you, as I’m about to get into.

#10: Osombie

A look at a film that, like so many unfortunate productions, took itself too seriously to be as fun as it could be. You get a definite feeling that Welshy wanted this film to work and he goes into real detail at what exactly ends up harming this film for him. Add to this the in-between gags involving fellow reviewer Film Brain and a general firing at storylines in reviews, and you have a decent start to our list.

#9: Red Dwarf

This is another one of those videos that legitimately sold me on the show, finally getting me to check out what is now one of my favourite shows ever. Going through a breakdown of the main characters of the show, highlighting the ebbs and flows of the series as a whole, he gives a great overview of the series without getting into heavy spoiler territory at any point. That, and the individual bits from the show he chooses to single out are definitely among the funniest in the show’s run.

#8: Killjoy 2

As much as Welshy’s definite hatred for this franchise provides a lot of laughs, this video makes the list thanks to his back-and-forths with Team NChick member Elisa AKA Maven Of The Eventide. The makeovers that get forced on him as well as the general confusion at the probings of Dr. Tease are great and, if nothing else, it just highlights how much these two probably could’ve done their own show together at some point.

#7: Scream 4

Even though this part of his Scream Retrospective highlights a fairly insubstantial installment to the series, his review of it made the grade because his look at it seems to just grow the further he goes into it. The previous parts ended up bolstering this one and his feelings for it come a lot more to the forefront, which given how a lot of his work derives specifically from his very unique experiences with media can only be a good thing.

#6: My Problem With Halloween 2 (Rob Zombie)

One of his earliest videos that, in a tightly-compacted nutshell, blazes through everything wrong with the film in a little over 2 minutes. In the process, even more so than the other video he did specifically on the subject, highlights a lot of primary issues involving modern horror film remakes. It’s a nice morsel of justified hatred and betrayal that, better than probably any other video on this list, shows how passionate he is about films.

#5: Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Admittedly, this is probably a knee-jerk reaction to how badly another reviewer on TGWTG did when reviewing this same film, something that Welshy himself wasn’t too happy with either. So, he proceeds to go through the film and gets a lot more analytical than usual, highlighting just how well-constructed the work truly is. It’s also damn funny, especially the bit involving the character of Dylan reaching up to the sky.

#4: Wolf Creek

I get the feeling that this is where I got the idea for my more narrative-style review of Vacation, as this has Welshy recounting his first experiences with the movie when he was backpacking through Australia, in Wolf Creek itself no less. Not only does this all give great context to both the film and his views on it, he’s legitimately fascinating to listen to, particularly when he gets into the, shall we say, less savoury things he saw while in the Outback.

#3: The Loved Ones

Surprise buttsecks! Okay, aside from a really funny and kind of surreal moment involving Welshy discussing his own status as a meme, I have to give credit that not only does he highlight a fairly obscure title, but he also shows that it is most definitely something worth checking out. After all my whinging concerning the current situation concerning mainstream Australian film critics, seeing someone actually doing a service to Australian cinema deserves all the props I can give it.

#2: Saw III

Without a doubt, the zenith of Welshy’s proclivity for sharing personal experiences in his videos. Even though he is highlighting probably one of the strongest films in the series, and yet one that like the rest of the series people tend to just throw away, it’s an atom bomb when he gets into his favourite scene in the film. I won’t dare spoil it here, and in all honesty even he doesn’t completely reveal why he connects with it as much as he does, but… Jesus. I admire your intestinal fortitude for being so open about such a topic.

#1: Shit TGWTG Producers (And Fans) Say And Do Revolutions

You know what, fuck it! I’m including the other two videos in this style as well because, damn it all, they're all amazingly funny and, as much as I hate to admit it, pretty damn accurate. These videos are essentially Welshy and troll-in-crime Sad Panda setting fire to the entire TGWTG fandom, for good or for ill. I made a facetious question at the first about just how much of his own burns Welshy takes seriously but, knowing how much of the fandom he would need to be privy to to make his digs this close to the bone, he’s gotta have an appreciation for it. Whether recent events have changed that or not, it still leaves us with three incredibly quick-paced and hilarious videos.

I can only hope that this peaked your interest to at least check some of his stuff out. As for his current work, a new episode of Panda Q&A came out in November which means that he may still be working, but I’m not holding my breath. By the way, if you’re wondering why I didn’t include any episodes from Panda Q&A on this list…

Next time, we’ll be looking into the work of some high-brow douche from Springfield.

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