Saturday, 9 April 2016

Top 20 Music Movies Episodes

I said last time that I had far less of a personal problem with the critic I’d be highlighting today. At the time of writing that, I didn’t realize that I had so little of a real issue with this guy that I wouldn’t be able to come up with something to include in my typical smartarse introduction. Really, the closest I can get to something I don’t like about him would be his recent lack of production. Sure, he does Let’s Plays with alarming regularity but I mean in terms of the show of his I’m talking about this time around. But even that is understandable, given how I’m sure Paw has some more important issues to take care of at the moment, like his son for instance. … Oh wait, he said he could end up returning to the series soon. Well, if you take nothing else away from this, know that this is probably one of the nicest guys on the Internet. He’d have to be for even me to struggle to even jokingly put them down. Let’s just get started with the Top 20 Episodes of Music Movies.

#20: My Fair Lady

Really, it’s a lot of Paw making fun of the upper-class caricatures in the film, making for one of his funniest moments with his interludes during Ascot Gauotte, but it’s a very entertaining riffing on the toffs. As for actual critiquing, his… let’s say unfavorable reaction to the ending is nice and cathartic.

#19: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Joss Whedon just loves doing confounding projects in his off-time: If he isn’t adapting Shakespeare in the comfort of his own home, he’s doing Internet-made sci-fi musicals. Paw’s choice to spotlight this criminally underrated watch is good on its own, along with the funny parodies of the Mad Horse interludes, but his recommendation of the Commentary Musical track was what ultimately led me to buying the DVD for myself. The man’s an awfully good salesperson, as you’ll see later on down the list.

#18: Really Rosie

His reminiscing about the days of VHS and renting the film as a kid kind makes me feel old because even I used VHS as a kid, but outside of that, this video probably rates so well with me thanks to the very funny Internet-age rendition of Alligators All Around sung by frequent Brentalfloss collaborator Elizabeth Aylsworth.

#17: Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

To date, this is the last episode of Music Movies to be made and, if for whatever reason this is indeed the absolute last episode, it’s not that bad a place to bow out from. Have to admit, I’ll probably never watch it the film the same again without actively looking out for birds slamming into the backdrop. That, and Paw’s discussion of the film’s very sexist attitudes and origins.

#16: Reefer Madness

Honestly, this video more or less makes the list because… how likely is it for the average person to even know the existence of this film in the first place? A parody musical of one of the most infamous fearsploitation films ever made? What Paw brings to the table are some pretty good jokes and a surprisingly good point about the potential genius casting of the film itself that, for whatever reason, didn’t happen.

#15: The Wicker Man

Yeah, forgot that this film was a musical? Can’t say I blame you for that but, even if you don’t really see it, Paw not only highlights the use (and occasional overuse) of music as a core aspect of the production but the reverie in which he talks about the film makes you want to watch it all over again. Honestly, considering all of the attention the remake has been getting out of just how bad it is, it’s definitely refreshing seeing someone talk about the good version for a change.

#14: Hedwig & The Angry Inch

While he may push the pretentious button a little too hard with some of his analyses of the film, he still goes into the rocking soundtrack and weirdly effective writing and gives them both the credit that they deserve. Then again, I could probably listen to him explaining The Origin Of Love all day with that soothing voice of his… maybe I’ve said too much. Damn it, I was trying so hard for this month not to get weird like this.

#13: Singin’ In The Rain
Another classic in the musical canon, it is seriously nice seeing someone show appreciation for the choreography and talent of the Hollywood of yore. He also draws the connections between the songs and their original productions, which is really cool considering what is usually missing from discussions with this film is that it’s actually a jukebox musical.

#12: Repo: The Genetic Opera

For a film that the majority of the world has just discarded because of Paris Hilton being in it (and, in a way, I can definitely understand that), this is yet another occasion where Paw really does give the film in question the props that it deserves. In a later review, he’d refer to Repo as one of his favourite films of all time and, even with the presence of Hilton, you can definitely see why he’d hold it in such high regard.

#11: Dancer In The Dark

Teaming up with one of my definite favourite critics pretty much guarantees this video would be on this list, but damn it all if Oancitizen and Paw don’t work really well off of each other. The fact that such a film exists that bridges their respective areas of expertise is weird enough, but the way they expound upon the film’s more satirical side, combined with showcasing Von Trier’s knack for stone-cold depression, makes for a really engaging watch.

#10: Mary Poppins

Unlike earlier on this list, Paw’s dissection of the lessons and morals of the film doesn’t feel like he’s patting himself on the back too much. Instead, he only works at enriching the experience of what is already a phenomenally good family film. His usual delving into the production history is fun too, but this is one of those videos where if it isn’t the smart breaking down of the film, it’s the green screen antics causing real laughs.

#9: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

I first saw this movie when I was younger, and yeah being the South Park kid that I am I liked it, but I genuinely feel like I gained a better appreciation for the film after seeing this review. By putting the film back into its original cultural context, ignoring how its reputation has garnered it favor nowadays, he shows how surprisingly good the film itself is considering its subject matter. Hell, I’d easily rank this as my favourite movie musical of all time.

#8: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Paw’s month-long Beatles movie retrospective ended on a painfully fitting note, showing just how much of this film just plain doesn’t work and, as a result, it kind of highlights just how much Paw did right in his own way of tributing one of the greatest pop groups of all time. He gives credence to the songs that work, the songs that outright didn’t and the songs that only serve to sully the work that the previous films put into them.

#7: The Sound Of Music

Just goes to show that even reviewing good movies can be exhausting work sometimes, Paw almost literally goes round for round with this classic. He flexes some old-school musical knowledge by delving into the production with Rodgers and Hammerstein’s roles with the soundtrack and even his more juvenile jokes concerning some frankly embarrassing costume decisions work.

#6: Phantom Of The Paradise

The first proper collaboration between Paw and his now-wife Elisa, and my God do these two work well together on screen. Elisa channels the Team NChick obsession over the Phantom of the Opera which, when combined with Paw’s sonically knowledgable snarking, makes for another one of those reviews that makes a more-than-fair case in the film’s favour. I mean, a Faustian musical directed by the same guy as Scarface? Really?

#5: Mamma Mia!

This film came out before I gained the appreciation for cinema that I have now, and even then it looked like garbage. Validation on one of the few logical opinions I held about movies back then would be enough to have this make my list, but Paw does a great job in the process anyway. The jokes are good, his criticisms and allowances with the film itself stand up to reason and the duet of Pierce Brosnan and Russell Crowe is all kinds of hilarious.

#4: The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies?!

It may be sacrilege to say such a thing, but I genuinely think that this is just as good, if not better, than the MST3K riff. Paw’s reactions to not only the true-blue amateur music numbers but also the unintentionally creepy scenary are top-notch, and the one-off bit with the Nostalgia Chick is funny as well.

#3: Cannibal! The Musical

This review’s effectiveness does depend somewhat on how much of a South Park you are, but seeing Paw look into the film’s production, its attempts at parodying musicals that they would later perfect for the South Park movie, and the early sparks that would end up influencing that show is still fascinating to see.

#2: Fantasia 2000

A collaboration between not only Paw and Elisa, but also Nella from Team NChick and the late, great JewWario? It was doubtless that this would end up on the list. It combines the comedic but still analytical musings on the individual segments from the first Fantasia review with JewWario’s downright masterful timing and poise to create an incredibly fun video. I won’t deny that watching it recently brings some mild heartache, but it’s just too damn good for that to affect the balance.

#1: Snoopy, Come Home

One of the biggest strengths with Paw’s original series Full Circle was how well he framed the songs he talked about within the events of his own life. Here is where that same approach is played towards some of the saddest friggin’ music ever composed, least of all for kids, and there’s a definite plucking of the heart strings when Paw gets into how he related to the events of the film. Not only that, the singing gag with Obscurus Lupa has pretty much assured that I will have the film’s title song stuck in my head for the rest of my life.

You know what, I’ve been highlighting music reviews for a little too long now… without trying it out for myself, at least. So, next time, I’m going to look at an album made by a starving artist and see if he practices what he preaches.


  1. paw is one of my favorite channel awesome creators. it's just impossible to hate the guy even when he gives a positive review to the phantom of the opera movie

  2. paw is just too lovable it's impossible to get mad at him